Plot Layers

Join us September 15th at the King Road library for writing exercises intended to help you create layers in your plots. We’ll look at conflicts, complications and turning points to help you craft a plot that will keep your readers engaged!

February Meeting

SPOOC Your Fiction!

Jump-start your fiction by crafting the two sentence core of your story. Acclaimed novelist Deborah Chester advocates this method for making sure there’s enough story to your story – by writing down the Situation, Protagonist, Objective, Opponent and Climax in a concise two-sentence format before you begin. It’s a great tool for starting a novel, getting one back on track, or even creating an effective elevator pitch. Come try it out with us!

January Meeting

Critique Session

Join us at the King Road library for a chance to have other members critique your work. Bring a selection that can be read aloud in 5 minutes or less. It can be a whole story, part of a story, or just a little something you threw together! We hope to see you there!